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Shooting for the Moon

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Atlantis set to music Click to see the video set to music

A letter to to my kids on the launch of the last space shuttle STS-135:
“…as I watch this fireball of my childhood’s fantasy burn a hole into the sky, what I realize is that the bar for our collective ambition is not set by what is reasonable and certain but by what is unreasonable and uncertain.”
I grew up in an era when people dared to dream impossible dreams.  We set our sights on something well beyond our reach. We shot for the moon, and we reached it.

I was still four months shy of my third birthday when JFK gave his now famous, then brazen, speech to congress charging the US with the unimaginable task of putting a man on the moon and returning him home safely before the decade was out. I know that for you this is a few pages in your history book.  But to me this was the future. It was a far off dream that represented the hopes, aspirations and fears of nation.